DIY FILE: Child's play - Celeb DIY with Aly Velji

By Julia Dilworth, 24 hours Vancouver

Interior designer Aly Velji, seen most recently on City TV's My Rona Home, is coming to town soon for the Vancouver Home & Design Show, Oct. 11-14 at BC Place to educate urban audiences on how to live chic, even in the smallest of city spaces.

The resourceful condo artist has a knack for making a special something from nothing - and these two kid- and budget-friendly projects he shared are no exception.

"I'm big on re-using and recycling. So pretty much everything I chose was something that I re-used or recycled from my home," Velji said. The material costs were also minimal, he added, as a lot of things were used that otherwise would have ended up in the dump. You're welcome, environment.

The Calgary resident explained how these versatile projects can transition with youngsters through their childhood. "Kids can be five-years-old when they make them - as they grow older they can still enjoy and use these items."

These storage jars, for example, can be re-painted to stay age-appropriate, Velji said. "More colourful when the kids are younger and more neutral colours as they get older."



Jar how-to


What you need:

Small toy animals, spray paint, super glue, Mason jars.

1. Remove lids from Mason jars and glue animals to the lids.

2. Spray both with paint and let it dry for 20 minutes.

Clock how-to

What you need:

Magazines, wall clocks, double-sided tape.

1. Tear out pages from magazines.

2. Roll the pages as shown.

3. Attach the rolled pages with double-sided tape.

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