Newest development aimed at gay community


Priority registration for the nation's first LGBT retirement community opened to the public yesterday.

Dean Malone, president and CEO of Plum Living Properties, told 24 hours the landmark development, planned for Mount Pleasant, will offer 150 independent living units with an additional 25 units for residents who need or want personal care.

"For many people to be able to, from the health care perspective, come out to their health-care provider is a big deal especially as you age [and] your vulnerabilities increase," he said.

Vancouver-based Plum Living partnered with RainbowVision Properties after completing a community questionnaire to assess needs this year.

RainbowVision of Santa Fe opened a similar community in 2006 and plans to break ground south of the border again this year.

Malone, 40, said 27 spaces have been secured with singles and couples placing a $1,000 refundable deposit.

Malone expects that the majority of units will be accounted for by early fall, allowing developers to begin securing property.

"From the outside, this development may not look that much different than something else you would see on the Vancouver landscape," he said.