Close eye on the street


Six months ago, a downtown bank robbery made independent bike courier Greg Crosby rethink how he does his job.

"I thought, 'if I just had a camera I could get that on film,'" says Crosby of the Granville Street heist. After some contemplation, he decided the best way to capture the city's spontaneity was to attach a digital camera to his bike helmet.

"Just riding around the city all day I see all sorts of interesting, neat things ... And so sometimes I do the 'helmet cam' and sometimes I'll just stop when something's happening and then film it."

Since he began filming - and posting to his blog - six months ago, Crosby has been witness to some of Vancouver's more colourful moments.

His footage of the city's dunk tank event earned Crosby 500 hits on YouTube, a number he says is decent for a beginner.

As the city changes before his eyes, Crosby's outlook has altered as well.

"I kind of see things differently now, like, from the perspective of a camera," he says.

With between 30 and 70 courier jobs per day, Crosby has plenty of chances to get that prize shot.

"Basically, all day, it's like a head on a swivel."


* http://bulletproofcourier.