Protester complains after arrest


An animal rights activist has filed a complaint against Vancouver police after being arrested during a July 18 protest.

Liberation BC campaign director Joanne Chang and her group were protesting the sale of foie gras at West restaurant, near Granville Street and W. 13th Avenue, when she was arrested for not providing identification to police. She was driven home in the back of a wagon.

She believes police had no right to arrest her in the first place.

"They arrested me under false accusations," she told 24 hours. "They violated my freedom of speech and acted like private security."

Vancouver police spokesperson Const. Tim Fanning said the officers involved wrote a very thorough report on the incident, adding Chang was yelling at police and obstructing their investigation.

"She was causing a disturbance and yelling at [officers]," Fanning said. "If she filed a complaint, we welcome any investigation."

The matter is now before the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.