Artists bring life back


An East Vancouver woman found just the right spot for her family portrait.

Deborah Fung looked on as two people attached the oversized mural to a sheet of plywood covering a window at almost vacant Little Mountain Housing.

She hopes the painting wards off the developer's wrecking ball at the condemned social-housing project at Main Street and 33rd Avenue.

"I wanted to keep it, but I think the painting serves a better purpose here," she said.

Fung, whose family lived at Little Mountain for 45 years, was one of about 60 residents and artists who came together yesterday to paint boarded windows to raise awareness about the provincial plan to sell the land for market housing.

"This is still land owned by taxpayers and it shouldn't be developed and thrown away," said artist and advocate Tiko Kerr. "Chances are, in this economy, it's going to be bulldozed and sitting empty."

Area resident Kim Salomons said bulldozing homes in the middle of a housing crisis makes no sense.

"Now that the community has been destroyed, we have a situation where we have habitable housing sitting empty where 700 people could live in 224 family homes," she said.