School board shoots down hacker theory


Vancouver School Board was not the target of a deliberate computer attack, according to information released Wednesday by communications manager David Weir.

"This is not a virus that was malicious," he said. "Every indication is that it was not introduced with malicious intent. Student data and our data is in tact and has not been compromised."

Board computer systems were infected last Tuesday.

Weir said, "At the point the incursion occurred our anti-viral software was up to date. What happened was the virus itself had yet to be effectively identified as a virus."

Weir said the computer bug is not spread by emails.

"It is spread across networks and through use of USB keys," he said. "There is no indication that this was a deliberate attack on the Vancouver School District according to our anti-viral software company. They have other clients of other organizations dealing with the same virus."

Weir said because of the fluid nature of eradicating the virus there are no definite numbers as to how far technicians have progressed in treating 109 school sites and other offices.

"We are in progress in dealing with the virus."