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Mundick stripped of duties


Susan Mundick, the highly respected, retiring Vancouver Parks Board general manager, will be stripped of any routine transitional duties by city manager Penny Ballem, fuelling concerns of alleged politically-infused retirements of several city bureaucrats.

In an exclusive e-mail obtained by 24 hours, Ballem describes Mundick's traditional transition plans as "inappropriate" and demands that Mundick step back.

Additionally a source close to Parks staff confirms that Ballem, whose 10-month tenure has been riddled with non-scheduled retirements and departures of city bureaucrats, has scheduled a Friday meeting between outgoing general manager Susan Mundick, Vision Parks Commisioner Raj Hundal and Michael Magee, Mayor Gregor Robertson's chief of staff.

On the agenda are all matters related to any transition and additional direction as to the future of the Parks Board.

Ballem was appointed to her position of city manager after the resignation of her long-time predecessor Judy Rogers, amid calls from Vision Vancouver that Rogers was "all powerful" and "too political".

Ballem received her appointment without a candidate search for her position.