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Hockey at lunch break


A touch of Canadiana is drawing crowds to a lot in Gastown where area businesses are dropping their keyboards for hockey sticks. employees are watching their idea to play afternoon road hockey games for fun snowball, as an increasing number of small businesses, clients and passersby want in on the game.

"It's amazing now to see people walk by and take pictures," said John Lyotier, vice president of marketing for "It's something that brightens people's day and it's unexpected."

Lyotier noted the games add to an upbeat atmosphere around the office.

"The endorphins are running and people are excited to get back to work," he said.

The web design company hopes the weekly spectacle gains enough attention to draw a Vancouver Canuck player to take part in a game to benefit charity.

"Right now it's employee driven but, as far as desired outcome, ultimately it's about having the healthiest and most fun company in the world," Lyotier said.