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City sued over parking lot

VANOC is breaking civic bylaws because it is building a 13-acre Olympic parking lot south of Chinatown without a development permit, claims a neighbour.

Daryl Cook filed a lawsuit Oct. 27 in small claims court seeking $24,450.30 for nuisance, noise, vibration, dust and loss of enjoyment of his Gore Street home. Defendants include City of Vancouver, VANOC, Tyam Construction and Vancouver Esperanza Society, which owns the 1002 Station Street property. Cook said there has been no public hearing or environmental assessment published.

"I can't walk out, go buy a lot tomorrow and start building on it and say, 'Hey, I'm going to put in my permits later,'" said Cook, who waited two years for a permit to build three houses on Gore near Prior.

VANOC plans to operate the lot Dec. 1 to March 31 to park, fuel, clean and repair 200 buses and 120 vans and shuttle buses and screen 300 delivery trucks a day for explosives and weapons.

City assistant development services director Bill Boons gave Jim Wright of VANOC permission to prepare the site in a July 31 letter. Boons said Monday via email that VANOC's application is under review and a decision is expected "within the next couple weeks."

"They're screening for guns, bombs, chemicals," Cook said. "What is the protocol for the neighbourhood if something is found? I'm the closest one to the site."