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Keep your drink in check


As much as the girl two cubicles down from you makes you want to chug an entire bottle of vodka after one conversation, the office holiday party is not the best place to get overly intoxicated.

"Keep your drinking in check," said Monica Magnetti, a Vancouver career and life coach.

"Use the Christmas party to get to know people," she said. But "don't put your agenda first."

Magnetti recommends that people be themselves at the party. "Always make sure that you are true to yourself," she said.

Every office party is going to be different, so your behaviour should be in line with what is appropriate at your office, according to Magnetti.

While workplace romances may be off limits, that doesn't mean you have to shy away from the mistletoe.

"Mistletoe can show how appropriate you are," Magnetti said. This isn't to say that you can stick your tongue down your co-worker's throat and grab their ass, in fact, it means the exact opposite. It is an opportunity to show that you can be warm and friendly and kiss someone under the mistletoe but not be inappropriate and have your hands all over them, said Magnetti.

When it comes to what to wear, you should wear what makes you happy, unless of course, what makes you happy is showing lots of cleavage and some leg.

"Especially at the Christmas party, you will have to use your best judgment," Magnetti said.