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Comedian pushes foreskin education


A local comedian spent many years considering what he'd like to do with his foreskin.

Now he knows.

Having gained inspiration from the performers behind Puppetry of the Penis, Glen Callender will stage demonstrations to promote foreskin education, appreciation and stimulation in a private tent during Vancouver Pride festivities.

"It's not the wrapper, it's the candy," he explained. "Circumcision removes 75 per cent of the nerves of the penis. It makes a huge difference in the sensations a man will have in his penis through his life."

But it's not just sexual stimulation Callender is concerned about.

"Women's breasts get cancer a lot more often than men have serious problems with their foreskins, but we would never consider cutting one off when it's healthy," he said. "We would wait until there is a problem, then you treat the problem and if you can't treat the problem then you go to the extreme of amputation."

To see and learn much more, visit the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project at the Davie Street Party on July 30 and at Sunset Beach on Aug. 1.