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Olympic countdown clock to Whistler and B.C. Place


Time is running out for the Vancouver 2010 countdown clock outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

City of Vancouver is negotiating the removal of the two-part, Omega-sponsored sculpture.

B.C. Pavilion Corporation wants to bring half to B.C. Place Stadium. The other half is destined to the Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley.

The Winter Games festival began when the Olympics opened Feb. 12 at B.C. Place and ended with the March 21 Paralympic closing ceremony at Whistler Village.

"Half of the clock (Paralympic and Totem) will be coming to Whistler Olympic Park to be mounted at the Day Lodge," Whistler 2010 Sport Legacies communications manager Patricia Leslie said Friday.

"A home for the clock at B.C. Place is certainly of interest to us and would highlight the key role the stadium played during the 2010 Olympic Games," said the stadium's communications manager Duncan Blomfield.

The Feb. 12, 2007-unveiled clock became popular with tourists and vandals alike. It was the backdrop for several pre-Games press conferences and protests.