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Businesses get flexible for Canucks


If you can't beat 'em, join them.

That's the philosophy some employers have taken to avoid staff calling in with the dreaded Canucks "hangover."

"We close down (early) so the staff can enjoy it and party a little bit," said Brad McDougall, owner of Ottico Eyewear and Optometry, whose Granville Street window display features blue and green sunglasses honouring the Canucks. "Especially with something at this stage, we don't want to miss out on the fun."

Ian Cook, B.C. Human Resources Management Association director, suggests employers find ways to incorporate playoff fever into the workplace, such as allowing staff to wear jerseys, to improve productivity during the Stanley Cup run.

According to the association, many employers learned from the 2010 Olympics and adjusted hours to allow for flexible schedules on game days.

North Face manager Julian Alphilbert said playoff fever is hard to avoid because the store's location is right next to an outdoor celebration plaza.

"We even closed early (Wednesday)," he said. "We encourage our staff to have a good time and support the local team."

He added none of his staff had called off work for the Canucks.

"Our staff is fairly responsible. They realize there's still work to do," said Alphilbert.

McDougall agrees and said his staff hasn't had to cancel work because of the store's flexible-and-relaxed attitude toward the playoffs.

"We allow for some fun," he said. "Let's celebrate, let's put on a show."


Trevor McFarland, 22

Yes. I said it wasn't because of the Canucks when blatantly it was. I think they knew.

Stephen Mitchell, 50

No 'cause I'm the supervisor. I can't do that.

Katie Warren, 26

No, but if they win the Cup, I may have to call in sick the next morning.

John Boileau, 43

I've only done it twice, once in '82 and once in '94. (But if they win the Cup this year), for three days, I'll be calling in sick.