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Beat 94.5's Kid Carson to join SONiC FM

By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver

Popular Vancouver Beat 94.5 FM radio host Kid Carson - who vanished from the airwaves last week - is expected to replace a SONiC radio morning host that recently generated Internet controversy over a picture taken during 4/20.

One of Carson's friends in the industry, preferring to remain unidentified, confirmed Sunday the Kid Carson Show host would likely replace DJ Ryder, beginning Sept. 1.

"I would presume they would show (Ryder) the door within a couple of months or just assign him to another area in the radio station," the source said.

"The radio station is mired at the bottom of the ratings . for them to lure someone of Kid's profile is a major score."

Ryder caused a stir on social media when he publicly posted pictures from the April 20 "marijuana day" celebrations of an overweight woman lying on the pavement, captioned, "Sadly her weight loss patch had a reverse effect #420withRyder," and "Check out this hottie I met downtown at the 420 celebrations in Vancouver. Lucky pavement."

The picture was removed within a few days, but not before many online joined in to ridicule the woman - while only a few defended her.

"Looks like she's made of play-doh," wrote one poster on Ryder's Facebook page.

"Eww eww eww," wrote another.

Brianne Chantal was one of the few disgusted by the comments.

"I think certain people in the media . find they can say and act however they please without any consequences. While it's true the woman may have been looking for attention when Ryder posed for a photo with her, she certainly didn't ask to be mocked or made fun of," she told 24 hours Sunday.

"I've seen it happen too many times, and felt I had to stand up for her and say something."

SONiC FM did not respond when 24 hours contacted them last week.