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Most British Columbians undecided on pipeline

By Richard Zussman, QMI Agency Vancouver

Most British Columbians are sitting on the Gateway Pipeline fence.

An Angus Reid poll released Wednesday found 35% of British Columbians are strongly opposed to the $5.5 billion pipeline project. But a majority of people are still waiting for the environmental assessment to be finished on the project.

"It does show we have half of B.C. residents who are sort of on the fence. They are supportive of the idea but could change their mind if the environmental guidelines are not there," said Angus Reid pollster Mario Canseco on Wednesday. "Those who oppose it are saying, if you can guarantee nothing nasty will happen I may be supportive."

More than 50% of the 804 people polled across the province said their opinions on the project may change. Canseco added a majority of the people on the fence have historically voted for the BC Liberals, while those strongly opposed have voted NDP.