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Police consider extradition for suspected rioters living in U.S.

By Tyler Orton, 24 Hours Vancouver

Jensen White, wanted on riot charges. (FILE PHOTO)

Jensen White, wanted on riot charges. (FILE PHOTO)

Vancouver police have been holding discussions with Crown counsel about extraditing a trio of suspected Stanley Cup rioters living in the United States after warrants were issued for their arrests.

Const. Brian Montague told 24 hours Monday two of the suspected rioters, Jensen White and Dakota Schlag, are American citizens, while Nigel Li is a Canadian studying at a university in Illinois.

"Mr. Li, he's in a situation where he's not a U.S. citizen. He can't stay there forever. At some point he has to come back."

Montague said border guards would arrest the men if they ever re-entered Canada, but investigators have been speaking to them about making arrangements for them to return without being detained at the border.

Former University of B.C. student Schlag is now living in Alaska, while White, who also used to attend UBC, is residing with his family in Seattle.

"(White's) actions have made it quite clear to us he has no intention of returning," Montague said, adding it's up to Crown to pursue extradition at this point.