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Another push for pot decriminalization

By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver

A local marijuana advocacy group is applauding a Union of B.C. Municipalities resolution Wednesday supporting the decriminalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana.

Debate from politicians and experts on both sides of the fence ended in favour of decriminalizing the drug at the Victoria conference Wednesday.

Dana Larsen, director of advocacy group Sensible BC, called it an "excellent" resolution.

"This is a huge step forwards for a sensible cannabis policy in British Columbia."

Vancouver's civic politicians, including Mayor Gregor Robertson, have previously stated their support for decriminalization.

The move could potentially put increased pressure on policy makers. While the federal government's omnibus crime bill increased penalties for some marijuana offences, Sensible BC said provincial officials could increase "leeway" in policing the herb.

Currently, numerous B.C. doctors, current and former politicians, and even a former U.S. attorney have thrown support behind decriminalization and regulation.