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Child porn studio dad pleads guilty




A Winnipeg father is facing the prospect of being locked up indefinitely after pleading guilty in what city police consider to be the worst case of child sexual abuse they've ever dealt with.

The 48-year-old pleaded guilty to 11 charges Thursday relating to years of what can only be described as unspeakable sex crimes inflicted on his daughter and disabled stepdaughter inside his ramshackle west Winnipeg home between 2002 and 2009 when the girls were between nine and 16 and 11 and 16 years old.

The Crown put Court of Queen's Bench chief justice on notice they may seek a dangerous offender application against the man by asking the top judge to order the sex offender to undergo a psychological examination. He cannot be identified due to a publication ban.

The Crown and defence lawyer Greg Gudelot tendered volumes of evidence with the court to be used at upcoming sentencing hearings. The materials detail every shocking aspect of what police unearthed about the man's depraved conduct.

The investigation started with a September 2011 referral from RCMP asking Winnipeg police to probe an alarming complaint made by a young woman who had walked in to a rural detachment to disclose how her city-based dad had habitually abused her and her sister.

Police called her in for an interview. She described to officers how she and her stepsister had been bribed with "Slurpees, clothes and toys" by their dad to perform all manner of sexual acts, including forced anal rape while being confined on his bed with zip-ties. He would videotape many of the assaults and make the girls watch them.

They were also ordered to create sex videos themselves when he was away at work.

They would "fake" acts for the camera and rewatch it to ensure it was "authentic" enough to satisfy him, the documents said.

A subsequent interview with the stepsister revealed even more alarming details, with the disabled girl describing how he kept what he called a "toy box" -- a silver suitcase -- of sex devices and bondage gear in his closet to be used as props in the attacks, which he called "sessions."

The girl described how her dad -- whom she consistently referred to as her "sperm donor" during her police interview -- kept a spiral notebook to keep track of a bizarre "point system" he used to document the abuse and provide rewards.

"She explained (the sister) and her received points for various sexual acts they performed," a police narrative reads.

According to a breakdown of the depraved system, the girls earned 10 points for each nude picture they took. Performing fellatio earned 50 points and swallowing semen 300. The sliding scale topped out with full intercourse earning 800 points.

She told police she stopped going to his home at age 16.

"She had a conversation with him in which she told him she may never have a boyfriend because of what he did to her. He hugged her, told her he was sorry but stated that he expected her to be back in his bed one day."

When police searched the home they found many hours of footage on more than 500 VHS videotapes and 332 discs along with 127,613 images of child pornography.

"The child pornography collection amassed is the largest (I) have ever seen in four-plus years of working in the ICE unit," Det. Mike Olson said in his report.

Police uncovered 2,609 images of the girls, many of which were child pornography.

Some of the assault videos seized are more than an hour long and depict all manner of despicable sex crimes, according to brief written summaries police provide. In one, the girls are seen together holding up a sign reading "this is for points."

Police also found handwritten letters from the girls to their dad pleading with him to stop.

"Dear Daddy," began one. "(Sister) and I have together made a decision that we do not want to have sexual activity anymore. We still love you and I'm sorry if you're mad -- p.s. See you in December, (sic)," it reads.

In another, one of the girls threatens to call police if the abuse doesn't end.

"I'm putting my foot down," she prints in a child-like scrawl.

"Keep your filthy pose (sic) OFF me and (the sister). If you don't you will lose either way (sic)."

The father told investigators one of the girls disclosed being raped as long as seven years ago, but no mention is made if it was officially reported. The man said he told he girl she and her sister didn't have to go back to (the offender's) home, but they did.

Confronted in a post-arrest interview with the overwhelming evidence against him, the father said little and mostly just shrugs his shoulders.

"You have stolen (your daughters') innocence. They were kids. You had no right," Det. Derek Charison tells him.

This draws no apparent reaction.

"We're going to the courts, we're going to show it to the courts, show them what kind of monster you are," Charison says. "There isn't a child out on the streets of Winnipeg that is safe from people like you."

His next court appearance is Nov. 14.

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