Controversial sex ed. game to get sequel

Jonathan Sher, QMI Agency
Wonder Vag uses a condom to defend herself against the Sperminator. (Adventures in Sex City)

Wonder Vag uses a condom to defend herself against the Sperminator. (Adventures in Sex City)

LONDON, Ont. – London health officials are launching a sequel to their controversial online sex-ed game for young people that features such characters as Wonder Vag and the Sperminator.

In the sequel, the virgin with the Barbie-doll figure will be caged and the Sperminator will have lost his penis-arms and become a force for good.

The original Adventures in Sex City, an online game from the Middlesex-London Health Unit, was banned by officials with the London District Catholic school board because it ran afoul of the school's official stance on abstinence.

In the original version, the infected Sperminator fired sperm from penis-shaped arms at characters such as virginal Wonder Vag, who when struck might say, "Aggg! Right in the face."

While the original will be kept available at, a second version will officially launch Feb. 14 during Sexual Awareness Week.

In the new version, Wonder Vag has been kidnapped by her evil twin, Bloody Mary, and placed in a cage at a bar where, unless she's rescued, she'll be forced to drink alcohol.

Trying to rescue her is a team of superheroes that now includes the Sperminator, cured of his sexually transmitted illness and with no more penises as appendages.

Players are asked questions related to sexual health and risky behaviour brought on by the use of alcohol and drugs. If enough questions are answered correctly, Wonder Vag is freed and Bloody Mary falls in a drunken stupor and vomits.

The point of the game is to teach youth how getting intoxicated can lead to risky sexual practices.

"It's really for the youth," said Shaya Dhinsa, manager of sexual health for the health unit.

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