Man jumps from hotel room to escape cops

Nadia Moharib, QMI Agency


CALGARY - Some run, others jump.

Police are investigating whether there is a link between their knock on a hotel room door and a man jumping two storeys, apparently to avoid questioning.

Helping Mounties track down a suspect wanted for credit card fraud, police were led to a northeast Calgary hotel on Saturday morning.

A man in his 30s "was allegedly using a victim's credit card or at least its information to make charges," Calgary police Insp. Keith Cain said.

Mounties determined the most recent transaction was at a Four Points by Sheraton hotel.

"As officers knocked on the door a male jumped from the second floor balcony," Cain said. "Certainly his method of escape wasn't expected .. I guess he was determined."

Albeit suffering a leg injury, the man managed to run to a nearby building where police finally caught up with him.

"It looks like he will require surgery," Cain said.

"Once he receives treatment he will be questioned and possibly charged."

"We don't know why he chose to jump," he said. "We happened to knock on the door and he happened to jump."