Canadian says she slept with disgraced U.S. agent: Report

QMI Agency

The sex-and-booze scandal that embarrassed the U.S. Secret Service has reached Canada in light of allegations by an unnamed woman that she had an affair with disgraced former agent Arthur Huntington.

Huntington, who is from the Buffalo, N.Y., area, is at the centre of a controversy involving agents getting drunk and carousing with hookers while on assignments outside the U.S.

A supposed Canadian woman, who spoke to the New York Daily News under condition of anonymity, alleged she had a sexual liaison with Huntington, who lied to her about being divorced when they met at a pub in Dublin, Ireland, in May 2011.

"I feel used," the newspaper claimed the Toronto native said. "He actively pursued me while he was married - and not only me. How many more others?"

The Daily News story described how the two met and hit it off in Ireland, then kept in touch through texts and e-mails before arranging a two-day hook-up in New York in August 2011.

The story said when she found out the truth about Huntington through the news, she said she: "felt sick" and started screaming "in disbelief."

"I was like, 'What gives you the right?'" she said. "I feel victimized a little bit."