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No charges for Pippa following gun scandal

QMI Agency

Police say they are not investigating the circumstances surrounding Pippa Middleton's friend pointing a gun, or gun replica, at the paparazzi in Paris.

The U.K. Sun published an exclusive photo on Sunday of Prince William's sister-in-law smiling in the front passenger seat of an Audi convertible as the man in the driver's seat pointed what looks like a semi-automatic pistol directly at a photographer.

A police source told the Sun that Pippa, 27, faces charges and jail time, whether or not the gun was fake.

But Paris police have since told SkyNews they've received no complaints about the gun and are not investigating.

The U.K. Sun published this exclusive photo on Sunday

Arthur de Soultrait, the French fashion designer wielding the firearm, told Associated Press it was a toy and that the Sun's photographers knew it.

The scandal comes weeks after a gunman killed seven people, including three kids, in Toulouse.