Most memorable Olympic moments so far

Chris Stevenson, QMI Agency

1. For Openers ...

The Opening Ceremony kicked off these games in spectacular fashion with cameos by several British icons. James Bond and the Queen dropping in on things under Union Jack parachutes, David Beckam looking like Bond in a speedboat on the Thames and Sir Paul McCartney warbling “Hey Jude,” hit all the right notes.

2. Weather co-operates ...

The umbrellas have pretty much been like Canadian gold-medal winners so far: Haven’t seen any. After an incredibly wet spring, the weather has cooperated for the most part so far. There’s just been a few showers here and there, though they made the cycling events treacherous. Riders were going down like pints at the pub.

3. Badminton Scandal

You knew there was going to be a scandal or two, but badminton? Really? Four pairs — two from South Korea, the top seeds from China and another pair from Indonesia — are kicked out of the Games for intentionally trying to lose matches to get more favourable matchups in the next round. First, badminton had to live with “shuttlecock.” Now this?

4. Where’s the big story ...

These Games are still waiting for a personality to reach out and grab them. Michael Phelps’ ascension to the title of most decorated Olympian ever is a marvelous achievement, but the story lacks the jam it had when he dominated the last Summer Games. Maybe Jamaican sprinting superstar Usain Bolt will kick the second half of theses Games off in spectacular fashion.

5. Lack of traffic

The London traffic nightmare hasn’t materialized (crosses fingers) as it appears many Londoners heeded organizers’ pre-game warnings and have simply stayed away from downtown. Between the traffic lanes designated for Olympic traffic and the public transit system, getting around these Games has been a smooth ride so far.