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Crosby's agent backs Malkin's statement

QMI Agency

The agent for Sidney Crosby confirmed Thursday what Evgeni Malkin speculated about the day before.

Pat Brisson told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Crosby would consider playing in Europe if there's an extended NHL work stoppage this season. Malkin suggest his Pittsburgh Penguins teammate would play in the KHL under those circumstances.

"If at one point there's a lockout and the lockout goes long ... Sidney wants to pay hockey," Brisson said.

If Crosby heads to Europe, though, it's unlikely he'd go to Russia even though Malkin has said he'll play for Magnetogorsk if there is a long lockout.

Brisson also told the Chicago Sun-Times that two other clients, Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, would consider playing in Europe "under the right circumstances and appropriate time."