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Fraser Valley needs help for homeless

According to the Fraser Valley Regional District’s count, there are 603 people living in the Fraser Valley without a home in 2017.

Marijuana at the 420 celebration in Vancouver is pictured in this April 20, 2013 file photo. (CARMINE MARINELLI/Postmedia Network files)

Marijuana is not the miracle drug pot pushers claim

There are some pretty substantial medicinal claims around marijuana. Children who no longer have seizures thanks to cannabis oil, symptoms of multiple sclerosis stalled or in some cases reversed thanks to the drug.

Homeless count volunteers gather information from homeless people on the streets of New Westminster, B.C. on March 8, 2017. (Jason Payne/Postmedia)

Homelessness follows house prices

There are 199 homeless children and more than 3,500 homeless people in the regional district of Metro Vancouver. That’s a 30 per cent overall increase from 2014. While the city of Vancouver itself say a 19 per cent increase, homelessness in Langley increased by 124 per cent, in Delta and White Rock, 142 per cent.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Dave Abel/Postmedia Network)

First 'feminist' budget has women all wrong

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has no idea what women really want. In last week’s federal budget, much touted as the country’s first “seen through a gender-based lens,” he muddled up mat leave and insulted stay-at-home parents.

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Parents left out of Vancouver’s parking priorities

Looking for a parking spot in downtown Vancouver with two screaming children in the backseat of your SUV is a frustrating experience at best. Then, just when you spot one that seems free, you start to turn in only to realize the spot is marked “small car only” or, better yet, reserved for electric vehicles. The number of these special spaces has in

Kevin Thomson and his company Legendworthy Quest Inc. is starting an adventure climbing business on the Lions Gate Bridge. (submitted photo)

Fun can’t trump function on B.C. bridges

This week, the B.C. government announced they have been in talks with a local entrepreneur to host guided climbing tours on the Lions Gate Bridge.

A Chevron gas station in Vancouver, B.C. (Carmine Marinelli/Vancouver 24hours)

Vancouver residents running on empty

Vancouver may be the “luxury car capital of North America,” but there may soon be nowhere to gas up in the city’s downtown. Chevron has just listed five of its Vancouver gas stations, including its West Georgia location, which is one of just two gas stations downtown.

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'Useless' kids? Blame home ec cuts

When my four-year-old wants to help put her pillow in a pillowcase or crack eggs into crepe batter, I know the task is inevitably going to take at least twice as long but I slow down and let her do it anyway; both because I’m glad she wants to learn and I know how important these skills will be for her down the road.

'Useless' kids? Blame home ec cuts

When my four-year-old wants to help put her pillow in a pillowcase or crack eggs into crepe batter, I know the task is inevitably going to take at least twice as long.

Brandon Ma fills a bucket with sand and salt from the pile at a Vancouver Fire Department station. (Postmedia Network)

What the ‘salt crisis’ teaches us about socialism

Last week, Vancouverites lined up for hours at fire halls around the city with their empty buckets hoping for a pound or two of salt to spread over their icy sidewalks and driveways. When the fire hall doors opened, there wasn’t enough salt to go around and many of those who had been waiting were turned away. Nobody could say when the next delivery

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Count blessings, not calories

From hypnosis to food diaries to drinking water to eating before a holiday party, almost every media outlet has run a story this month centering around how you can avoid the “dreaded” holiday weight gain which is often pegged at between seven and ten pounds.