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A school bus sits in a snow bank along Vancouver's Ontario Street. (Postmedia Network)

Snow days have parents in a flurry of panic

Whether they work from home, or are office-dwelling nine-to-fivers, parents can be thrust into a flurry of panic when snow days occur - and it’s not just because of the cancelled classes and risky roads.

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Grades don’t determine your child’s worth

I recently chatted with a top chef in San Diego, who shared with me her arduous journey from daydreamer, to line cook, to executive chef for a top restaurant - despite the wishes of her traditional Indian family.

There’s no shame in 'sharenting'

There are three types of parents in the world of “sharenting” (sharing photos and details of your children online).

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Stop nagging and let your boys wear shorts In winter

Kids go through all sorts of wardrobe woes as they grow from toddler to teen. When my oldest was two, she would only wear dresses. Frocks were in, pants were out. Anything with tags elicited an immediate tantrum. Anything blue set her off. Every morning was a drawn-out, full-blown battle as I persistently persuaded her to put on her snow boots, or

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Don’t just buy presents, be present

In these last days leading up to Christmas, I’ve been running around in a panic, trying to collect last-minute Christmas gifts for my children while keeping up with my work. The parental stress is at an all-time high and the bah-humbug feelings are creeping in as the clock ticks down to the biggest day of the year.

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It’s ok to be the ‘mean mom’

“Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere…” If you have children, you’ve likely chanted this little ditty in a singsong voice while ushering your toddler around the house, playfully encouraging them to tidy up their toys.

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Adopted children aren’t second best

I was watching one of my weekly go-to shows the other night, when it came out that one of the lead characters was an adoptee.

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Sorry parents, work-life balance doesn’t exist

When I was working in a full-time office job, I envied people who worked from home. I assumed that they lived the epitome of a balanced life, with their time perfectly split between work and family.

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It’s time to stop the parenting double standard

I witness it on a daily basis - in real life and online. A dad does his daughter’s hair in a neat ponytail, and the video goes viral on YouTube. A perky pops pushes his son on a swing and onlookers swoon, deeming him to be “SUCH a great dad.”

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Today's Halloween costumes have gone too far

When I was growing up, Halloween costumes were homemade, age-appropriate, silly, and simple. My friends and I would dress up as bed sheet ghosts, wretched witches, or playful pumpkins - our costumes made of fabrics found in our closets or at local thrift shops.

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Child-free flights not a bad idea

There are three parenting woes that top my most-feared list: lice, vomit, and flying on a plane with my kids. A trifecta of cringe-worthy experiences that most parents dread, and most will likely experience at some point in their child-rearing lives.

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Confiscating ‘unhealthy’ lunch items won’t encourage healthy eating in schools

The school system in Ontario has implemented a new physical education and health curriculum, with a focus on healthy eating. While at first glance this may seem like a step in the right direction towards healthier and happier kids at school, however a number of parents are infuriated after their children’s lunches and snacks were taken away, deemed


No harm in letting kids play with toy guns

When I was in high school, my best friend and I were held up at gunpoint while shopping. We made it out unscathed, but the powerless feeling of having the barrel of a gun pressed against my temple still haunts me.