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Adopted children aren’t second best

I was watching one of my weekly go-to shows the other night, when it came out that one of the lead characters was an adoptee.

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Sorry parents, work-life balance doesn’t exist

When I was working in a full-time office job, I envied people who worked from home. I assumed that they lived the epitome of a balanced life, with their time perfectly split between work and family.

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It’s time to stop the parenting double standard

I witness it on a daily basis - in real life and online. A dad does his daughter’s hair in a neat ponytail, and the video goes viral on YouTube. A perky pops pushes his son on a swing and onlookers swoon, deeming him to be “SUCH a great dad.”

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Today's Halloween costumes have gone too far

When I was growing up, Halloween costumes were homemade, age-appropriate, silly, and simple. My friends and I would dress up as bed sheet ghosts, wretched witches, or playful pumpkins - our costumes made of fabrics found in our closets or at local thrift shops.

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Child-free flights not a bad idea

There are three parenting woes that top my most-feared list: lice, vomit, and flying on a plane with my kids. A trifecta of cringe-worthy experiences that most parents dread, and most will likely experience at some point in their child-rearing lives.

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Confiscating ‘unhealthy’ lunch items won’t encourage healthy eating in schools

The school system in Ontario has implemented a new physical education and health curriculum, with a focus on healthy eating. While at first glance this may seem like a step in the right direction towards healthier and happier kids at school, however a number of parents are infuriated after their children’s lunches and snacks were taken away, deemed


No harm in letting kids play with toy guns

When I was in high school, my best friend and I were held up at gunpoint while shopping. We made it out unscathed, but the powerless feeling of having the barrel of a gun pressed against my temple still haunts me.

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Don't shush awkward comments about race

I didn’t realize I was a visible minority until I was in Grade 9. I had moments throughout my childhood where the colour of my skin or the frizz of my hair was the brunt of a joke or the cause for lingering stares, but I didn’t make the connection until I was much older.


Cellphones don't belong in classrooms

School’s back in session and with the back-to-school excitement, anticipation and overwhelm comes a flood of reunited friends — and newfound trends.


Too many parents put trust in Dr. Google

When one of my children shows symptoms of sickness, I confess I don’t hurriedly rush them to the hospital or clinic — at least, not right away.


Be patient with parents as school year nears

If you’re a parent — or you have friends who are parents of school-aged children — then you’ve likely fallen victim to incessant back-to-school banter.

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Olympics teaches kids about competition

After a school year filled with phased-out sports days, gradeless report cards, and scoreless soccer games, it is refreshing to expose my children to the life lessons that can be learned from watching the Olympic Games.

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Sorry parents - your partying days are over

Becoming a parent not only changes your body, your sleep patterns, your familial status, your social life, your relationship with your partner, and so many other aspects of your life, it changes you as a person — whether parents like to admit it or not.

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Don’t abandon kids’ sleep schedules in summer

As soon as school’s out for summer, schedules and routines seem to go out the window. It’s alright to loosen the reins and let them run free during the summer months, but it’s important to remember that kids still need their rest. Longer days and shorter nights make bedtime routines next to impossible for parents.


Culture of fear takes over parenting

Social media seems to be swirling with reminiscent posts lately, comparing modern-day parenting practices with those of the ‘70s and ‘80s. And I get it, I grew up in that era — the one that would now be resentfully referred to as free-range parenting.


Ignore tantrums at home - not in public

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a parent than dealing with a toddler who has spontaneously rag-dolled onto the floor in a public place — wailing and flailing uncontrollably before the eyes of judging onlookers.