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Two students address racism through art. Getty Images

Don't shush awkward comments about race

I didn’t realize I was a visible minority until I was in Grade 9. I had moments throughout my childhood where the colour of my skin or the frizz of my hair was the brunt of a joke or the cause for lingering stares, but I didn’t make the connection until I was much older.


Cellphones don't belong in classrooms

School’s back in session and with the back-to-school excitement, anticipation and overwhelm comes a flood of reunited friends — and newfound trends.


Too many parents put trust in Dr. Google

When one of my children shows symptoms of sickness, I confess I don’t hurriedly rush them to the hospital or clinic — at least, not right away.


Be patient with parents as school year nears

If you’re a parent — or you have friends who are parents of school-aged children — then you’ve likely fallen victim to incessant back-to-school banter.

Egypt's Shaimaa Haridy receives helps after an injury. Getty Images

Olympics teaches kids about competition

After a school year filled with phased-out sports days, gradeless report cards, and scoreless soccer games, it is refreshing to expose my children to the life lessons that can be learned from watching the Olympic Games.

Sorry, your partying days are over. GETTY IMAGES

Sorry parents - your partying days are over

Becoming a parent not only changes your body, your sleep patterns, your familial status, your social life, your relationship with your partner, and so many other aspects of your life, it changes you as a person — whether parents like to admit it or not.

Road trips make it hard to keep kids awake. GETTY IMAGES

Don’t abandon kids’ sleep schedules in summer

As soon as school’s out for summer, schedules and routines seem to go out the window. It’s alright to loosen the reins and let them run free during the summer months, but it’s important to remember that kids still need their rest. Longer days and shorter nights make bedtime routines next to impossible for parents.


Culture of fear takes over parenting

Social media seems to be swirling with reminiscent posts lately, comparing modern-day parenting practices with those of the ‘70s and ‘80s. And I get it, I grew up in that era — the one that would now be resentfully referred to as free-range parenting.


Ignore tantrums at home - not in public

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a parent than dealing with a toddler who has spontaneously rag-dolled onto the floor in a public place — wailing and flailing uncontrollably before the eyes of judging onlookers.


Don’t be ‘that’ type of playground parent

All kinds of parents exist on the playground — the ones who play alongside their kids, the ones who perch and play on their phones, the ones who hover nervously as they track their child’s every move, and the ones who turn a blind eye to their kid’s adventurous antics.


Technology isn't a villain

The 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth has been released and, once again, Canadians received a failing grade when it comes to our children meeting the optimal level of active play.


Show dads more love on Father’s Day

The role of “father” has evolved significantly since the suit-toting, cigar-smoking, hands-off days of the 1950s dad. Back then, dads were known more commonly for their professional status than their involvement at home. They still loved their kids.

Summer is a time for kids to explore. GETTY IMAGES

Culture of control robs kids of summer fun

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the weeks spent at summer sleep-away camps. I can recall my heart racing as I waved goodbye to my parents and headed to my designated cabin for a week full of adventure with newfound friends.


Sorry doubters, but dance is a sport

A great divide exists between parents about extracurricular activities for children. There are the sports parents and then there are the dance parents.

Sometimes mommy just needs to cut loose. GETTY IMAGES

Partying with momtourage good for health

It’s 10 a.m. on a Thursday morning, and I’ve already picked out my outfit. I know what my drink of choice will be, and I’ve scoped out my appetizer, entree and dessert selections from the online menu of the planned meeting spot.

Parents face a tricky balance with sibling rivalry. GETTY IMAGES

Parents need to referee sibling rivalry

Raised as an only child, sibling rivalry has always been a mystery to me. Now that I’m a mom of three and witness to sister-brother brawls on a daily basis, I’m more mystified than ever.


Maternity leave is not a vacation

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was almost as excited about having a year off work as I was about having a new little human grace me with her presence. I was working in a full-time corporate job, and had created a list of lofty plans for my “time off.”

Moms need gratitude more than gifts. FOTOLIA

Time for dads to skip Mother’s Day gifts

Everyone seems to be all abuzz about finding the “perfect gift” for mom, splurging on jewels, knick-knacks, and marked-up florals to show their mothers — and the mothers of their children — how much they care.