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Premier Christy Clark has lately been seen everywhere. GETTY IMAGES

Polling peril for both major B.C. parties

“The larger economy may have improved, but people are worried about the rug being pulled out from under them.” — American pollster Patrick Murray

Toronto filmmaker Avi Lewis and author Naomi Klein. GETTY IMAGES

Leap Manifesto a Trojan Horse for NDP

“(Media are) portraying the Leap as a radical document, I don’t see it that way and I don’t think most people in Canada do actually.” - Robert Fox, federal NDP national director

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Foreign buyer tax won’t solve crisis

“The new tax is nothing but the ruling party of British Columbia soliciting votes for the election held next spring. It won’t cool down the enthusiasm of foreign buyers.” — Ou Lyu, Global Times Chinese newspaper


Don’t be shocked when Trudeau OK’s pipeline

“I am, however, very interested in the Kinder Morgan pipeline .... I certainly hope that we’re going to be able to get that pipeline approved.” — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, January 2014

Outgoing federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. GETTY IMAGES

The NDP needs to stop liking losing

“Too often, it seems as if leftists actually like losing. As if all the failure, doom and atrocities mainly serve to prove they were right all along.” — Rutger Bregman, Dutch author