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Outgoing federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. GETTY IMAGES

The NDP needs to stop liking losing

“Too often, it seems as if leftists actually like losing. As if all the failure, doom and atrocities mainly serve to prove they were right all along.” — Rutger Bregman, Dutch author


Spin on B.C. economy masks funding shortfalls

“No government in BC history has invested more in health care, education, and other front-line services than Today’s BC Liberals.” — BC Liberal Party website

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. GETTY IMAGES

Prop rep offers grim future to Canada

“Israeli politics is characterized by short-term coalitions in which big parties make concessions to smaller parties in exchange for their participation.” — Dylan Mathews, Washington Post


Elites trying to take away your vote

“We decide not to have referendums for a good reason — these are bloody complicated issues … It’s anti- democratic.” — Mel Cappe, former Canadian deputy minister, on Brexit


Bullying won’t stop call for pit bull ban

“You’re a naive ignorant c**t if you wanna ban an entire breed of me bud if anyone is gunna attack you it’ll be me not my pitbulls.” — Email to me from pit bull owner on June 25

For B.C. Premier Glen Clark. FILE PHOTO

BC NDP can learn from upset ‘96 victory

It was 20 years ago last Saturday that BC New Democrat Premier Glen Clark scored an amazing come-from-behind- upset over then-BC Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell — but the lessons of that 1996 campaign are remarkably valid for the 2017 election.

A button supporting the Leap Manifesto. POSTMEDIA NETWORK

Leap fans must heed Occupy leader’s warning

“My mission is to persuade activists to stop ignoring failures and to stop repeating tactics.” — Micah White, The End of Protest – A New Playbook for Revolution, 2016