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B.C. has altered its recent changes on beer prices. (FOTOLIA)

Minimum prices won’t stop abuse

As the BC Liberals scramble to make its ridiculous “unhappy hour” slightly less objectionable, the big question remains unanswered – why have a minimum price on alcohol at all?

Amrik Virk is the minister of advanced education. (FILE PHOTO)

Heads should roll for secret payouts

When the rules for how much senior government- funded staff can make are broken once, it’s regrettable — when it happens time after time, it’s a clear pattern of deception.

The June 20 introduction of minimum pricing makes B.C. beer prices per ounce the highest in Canada. (FILE PHOTO)

B.C. booze changes either dumb or devious

Is the BC Liberal government incredibly dumb bringing in “happy hour” rules that actually increase – not lower – the price of beer, wine and cocktails through minimum prices?

Only initiative to stop pipeline is to defeat Conservatives

Despite British Columbia environmentalists, First Nations and others gearing up to launch a citizens initiative petition to fight the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, it’s only votes, not signatures that can stop it.

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak (Free Press file photo)

Strategic voting helps those you want to hurt

Ontario goes to the polls on Thursday after a bitter, nasty campaign dominated increasingly by one topic – strategic voting designed to defeat the party you hate most rather than the one you actually support.

BC NDP leadership candidate John Horgan speaks to supports in March. (FILE PHOTO/24 HOURS)

Horgan has charisma to win over B.C.

On Thursday at 5:01 p.m., John Horgan should be declared the next leader of B.C.’s New Democratic Party — launching his drive to become the province’s next premier in the 2017 election.


No price relief in supermarket booze sales

Beer, wine and spirits are coming to B.C. supermarkets next year, but don’t expect cheaper booze. If anything, what is already among North America’s highest-priced alcohol will only get more expensive.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates isn’t likely to start an anti-corporate revolution when he speaks at TED Talks in Vancouver. (REUTERS)

Money talks when TED hits Vancouver

When TED Talks, money glistens. And now it’s here in Vancouver, selling what may be snake oil solutions to the well-heeled and well-intentioned.