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No price relief in supermarket booze sales

Beer, wine and spirits are coming to B.C. supermarkets next year, but don’t expect cheaper booze. If anything, what is already among North America’s highest-priced alcohol will only get more expensive.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates isn’t likely to start an anti-corporate revolution when he speaks at TED Talks in Vancouver. (REUTERS)

Money talks when TED hits Vancouver

When TED Talks, money glistens. And now it’s here in Vancouver, selling what may be snake oil solutions to the well-heeled and well-intentioned.

Justin Trudeau. (QMI Agency)

Original Trudeaumania faded fast in B.C.

(Pierre) Trudeau had a minority government at the time ... to say his government was detested in the West would be no overstatement. — Ex-B.C. premier Dave Barrett on the former prime minister

Pro-assisted suicide supporters and anti-assisted suicide supporters rally outside the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver, British Columbia, Monday March 4, 2013. (CARMINE MARINELLI/ 24 HOURS)

Doctor-assisted suicide a personal choice

It doesn’t make any sense that it’s legal for me to commit suicide, but it’s illegal for someone to help me to die at peace, without pain, in the comfort of my home, with family and friends surrounding me. — Gloria Taylor, late right-to-die advocate


Death of newspapers grossly exaggerated

Saturday’s untimely death of the 80-year-old Kamloops Daily News is yet another reminder to those who love newspapers that the future is either digital or dismal.

Protesters march to Vancouver City Hall in hopes of saving the Varsity Ridge Bowling Alley in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tuesday October 9, 2012. (FILE PHOTO CARMINE MARINELLI/24 HOURS)

Vancouver rapidly losing its heritage

His soul swooned softly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead — James Joyce, The Dead

(QMI Agency file photo)

Dubious flu shots imposed anyway

How many deaths are there? They can’t tell you. The information on deaths in B.C. from the flu isn’t available — Drug policy researcher Alan Cassels