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The first leaders debate was all smiles before it began. REUTERS

B.C. a two-party battleground

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet.” ― Damon Runyon, author

A pit bull attack left a New Westminster woman with “life-changing” facial injuries. FOTOLIA

New West unmoved by pit bull attack

“These breeds [pit bulls] should be regulated in the same way in which other dangerous species, such as leopards, are regulated.” ― Annals of Surgery medical journal, April 2011

Prime Minister Stephen Harper. REUTERS

Harper: Canada’s failed Republican Prime Minister

“If Stephen Harper were a Republican in the United States, he’d be at the top of his party ... He’s the top conservative leader in the world.” ― Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes

A demonstrator holds a sign during a march to protest against Nestle bottling water during the California drought. REUTERS

Water price absurd as B.C. faces drought

“That means that as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution.” ― Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman, Nestle, 2005

Prime Minister Stephen Harper. REUTERS

Bill C-377 is 'red tape on steroids'

“There’s nothing democratic about what’s going on here. It’s like watching the Roman Empire collapse.” - Senator Larry Campbell on Conservative senators imposing Bill C-377

B.C. Premier Christy Clark. FILE PHOTO

Inquiry needed into B.C. health firings

Powerful government forces suddenly fire eight pharmaceuticals researchers, alleging they breached the privacy of sensitive patient files and that police are investigating.

Many people are paying more for their craft brews. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

BC Liberals brew up craft beer hikes

"This latest move just adds insult to injury to craft beer consumers who are fuelling one of the fastest-growing segments of home- grown, B.C. industry." ― Paddy Treavor, Campaign for Real Ale advocate

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark. (REUTERS)

B.C. premier cozies up to private schools

The BC Liberals launched a surprise attack on public schools on the last day of the legislature’s spring session - tabling Bill 29 to prevent municipalities from charging private schools property tax.

Giving parties and candidates the right to encourage those who don’t bother voting – with specific messaging – could increase turnout. FOTOLIA

B.C.'s Bill 20 will combat apathy

Why are the BC Green Party, government watchdog IntegrityBC and the province’s privacy commissioner all opposing a change to the Elections Act that could actually improve dismal voter participation?

Premier-elect Rachel Notley. POSTMEDIA NETWORK

Alberta holds few lessons for BC NDP

There’s a rush by journalists, pundits and party activists to find big lessons that the BC NDP should learn from Alberta’s astonishing political shift.

BC NDP nomination fee is outrageous

Here’s the big money question: Is the BC New Democratic Party deliberately trying to create internal dissent with a new $2,000 non-refundable “entry fee” in the upcoming Vancouver-Mount Pleasant byelection?

The Vancouver 420 protest held on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery. (FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS)

Federal pot policy too outdated

Some common sense is needed on the medicinal marijuana business that is growing wild in Vancouver – not a dose of reefer madness.

Mike Duffy arrives at court for his trial. (QMI AGENCY)

Duffy trial echoes Basi-Virk case

“In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” - Hunter S. Thompson