Brent Stafford, The Duel


Black Lives Matter at Toronto's Pride parade held in downtown Toronto, on July 3, 2016. (Ernest Doroszuk/Postmedia Network)

Pride bans besmirch police

Furor over police participation in Pride parades are another example of how far-left radicals seek to unearth old injustices and conjure new oppression in an era of unprecedented tolerance and diversity.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark holds post-election press briefing in Vancouver, May 10, 2017. (NICK PROCAYLO/PostMedia)

Confused messaging crippled Clark

The provincial election was a disaster. No matter the final result, it’s clear that Christy Clark lost the election. Big time.

B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan. (File Photo)

Unions buy political access in advance

Ordinarily, I loathe the topic of election campaign finance reform. Agitation for the elimination of corporate campaign contributions is most certainly driven by left-leaning sore losers.

There will be no trips south for the Girl Guides of Canada. (Postmedia Network file photo)

Girl Guides teach dangerous lesson

For resistance to manifest revolution, leaders prime the young with propaganda and pious notions of self-righteous virtue.

(SIAATH/Getty Images)

Thank Canada for Daylight Saving Time

Spring forward, fall back is more than a catchy reminder about which direction to adjust one’s clocks to comply with daylight saving time. It’s a maxim for making the most out of life.

(FotoMaximum/Getty Images)

Say no to legal heroin!

Ends always justify the means for those striving to do good, no matter the cost to life, liberty and truth.