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B.C. seniors dying after being assaulted

Incidents of senior-on-senior aggression in B.C. care facilities have resulted in nine deaths in four years — according to a new report — with seven surveyed facilities admitting they’ve had at least 10 incidents with a fight resulting in injury.


Most private schools not for elite: Think tank

A Fraser Institute analysis suggests the vast majority of the B.C.’s private schools don’t cater to the elite — with a focus instead on specialty or religious programs.

The highest bid for 6707 Burford St. in Burnaby fell well short of expectations after media showed up. Able Auctions photo

Potential bidders flee ‘garbage’ home auction

A Burnaby home listed for $1.7 million fell well short of expectations at an auction on Wednesday after invited media scared off potential bidders, says the auction company.

Deadpool being filmed on the Georgia Viaduct. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

Vancouver wants dedicated film office

Vancouver City Hall has approved $200,000 per year for a dedicated office to attract film production — though the plan is being criticized by opposition councillors who say others already do the same job.


Tough rules target bad real estate agents

Fines for unscrupulous behaviour by real estate agents in B.C. could be increased up to 25 times as part of recommendations aimed at taming an industry seen as a “gold rush” by investors.

A mural in San Francisco that has Vancouver organizers looking to do the same thing along Main Street. Getty Images

Vancouver Main Street murals planned

A Main Street festival celebrating murals and public art — with up to 40 planned murals adorning buildings — will go Aug. 20 pending approval from Vancouver City Hall.

B.C. mom Rachel Pernosky, 18, who was reported missing March 16, 2013, was found murdered less than a week later. Facebook photo

Half-brother charged in teen mom’s death

Homicide investigators have charged the half-brother of a slain 18-year-old mother from Mission with second-degree murder and indignity to human remains, related to sexual contact with or disposing of the body.

Vancouver City Hall. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

City of Vancouver's six-figure club doubles

Vancouver City Hall doubled the number of staff it employs earning more than $100,000 — a number significantly driven by hundreds of firefighters who have made it into the six-figure club.

Rendering of what new accessible faregates would look like. TRANSLINK

TransLink defends building new faregates

TransLink is prepared to spend up to $5 million on a new type of faregate to help those without the ability to “tap” their Compass Cards.


TransLink to review HandyDart service

TransLink will conduct a review of HandyDart operations, the door-to-door community shuttle service for people with disabilities that has been subject to much criticism over availability and excessive use of taxis instead of transit operators.

Transit police officers at Commercial-Broadway Skytrain Station. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

Reported sex assaults on transit double

Sex crimes being reported to Transit Police have more than doubled over the space of five years — but the Transit Police chief suggests it’s due to more people reporting, rather than more assaults happening.

Learn key roommate details through a new local app. SUBMITTED

App maker connects Vancouver roommates

A New York-based app maker has arrived in Vancouver with an online database to connect potential roommates with each other in the city’s hot housing market.

One of 21 plots of affected trees in the 100-hectare ‘halo’ zone surrounding the flood plain left by the Mount Polley spill in 2014. Picture taken in August 2015. Submitted

Majority of trees dead near Mt. Polley spill

Numerous species of trees have perished in a “halo” zone where tailings from the infamous Mount Polley spill have created a suffocating blanket over parts of the forest, according to the latest update submitted to government.


Garburator ban considered by Richmond

The City of Richmond is considering banning garburators in multi-unit residential buildings as part of a move to reduce the amount of grease clogging up city pipes.

A sample of the message being sent by a water prevention campaign. SUBMITTED

Metro Vancouver residents in denial on water

Some Lower Mainland residents still aren’t too concerned about water supply shortages, even after last year’s sudden dry-spell that resulted increasingly severe water restrictions to be put in place.

A self portrait of Vincent van Gogh. Getty Images

Artist to pay van Gogh look-a-like

A local artist most recently known for his gum-plastered statue of a man’s head in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery is embarking on another project to create a bust.

Gladstone Secondary is one of 12 Vancouver schools up for potential closure. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

12 Vancouver schools listed for potential closure

Twelve schools primarily on Vancouver’s east side have been listed by the city’s school board for potential closure to save $8.8 million per year — with a possible closure date set for July 2017.


Surrey adopts policy on student restraint

The Surrey School Board has adopted a new policy that allows the physical restraint or seclusion of students in cases where the child could harm themselves or others — and police are too far away.

Grease collecting in sewers costs cities millions of dollars each year. GETTY IMAGES

Richmond eyes turning grease into fuel

Richmond wants to retrieve and transform grease clogging up the city’s pipes into biofuels, but it may take a lot more for the project to make financial sense.