Michele Mandel, Toronto Sun

Michele Mandel has been an award-winning writer with the Toronto Sun since 1984 and currently writes four columns a week about justice issues. Awarded the University medal in Journalism from Carleton University, she joined the Sun soon after graduation and has since covered assignments around the world, from the the cocaine trail in Bolivia to the funeral of Princess Diana. More recently, she has covered the trials of Robert Pickton and Col. Russell Williams Her work has garnered 13 Dunlop Awards of Excellence, a Toronto Police media award and the 2001 Canadian Nurses Association Award of Excellence for her expose on nursing homes.


Hedy Bohm Holocaust survivor looks at a small journal with notes from her parents and drawing from friends in a memory book that survived the war and the Holocaust. Portrait on June 9, 2016. (Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun)

Last Nazi Trial: Survivor Hedy Bohm

She was no longer that terrified young Jewish girl. After all these years, it was Hedy Bohm’s turn to issue a command.

Auschwitz survivor Max Eisen at the Toronto Holocaust Museum on June 6, 2016. (Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun)

Last Nazi Trial: Survivor Max Eisen

During their journey into hell, two people died in their cattle car. They would never imagine that most of them would share that same fate in a few short hours.

Robert Cossette planned to get out of alimony after his retirement but and Ontario court has ordered him to continue paying $1,000 month to his ex-wife. (Facebook picture)

Retiree still must pay alimony

Federal civil servant Robert Cossette thought by taking early retirement at 55, his days of alimony payments were done.