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Masts on Granville Island.

Affordable spring activities for students

Now that the sun has finally decided to start showing off, it’s time for students to break free from the confines of their basement suites and emerge into the world again.

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Creative ways to take a break from studying

Despite our best efforts to prolong finals season with significant amounts of complaining and procrastination, April has come to plague university students once again.

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Arts students: Cliches vs. realities

Every Arts student knows—and loathes—the familiar jest: “So, do you plan on working at Starbucks with that degree?”

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The 10 types of friends you'll make in university

University is one of the most wonderful places to meet people. Whether it’s networking at a club event or making friends with the dorm-room occupant across the hall, there are many valuable connections to be made during your post-secondary education. Today, let’s take a look at 10 types of friends you’re sure to make in university.

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What's next after graduation?

As graduation approaches, university students’ stress levels only seem to increase. There is a mixture of excitement and anxiety that accompanies the prospect of finally completing a degree. For some. it’s been a long journey, complete with education abroad, terms of co-op or work experience, and maybe even a gap year.

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The best and worst university films

Midterm season is here again, and with Reading Week sandwiched right in the middle of things, there’s plenty to be done, but hopefully a fair bit of relaxation is ahead, too.

Heavy blowing snow-covered commuters and pedestrians making their way across Granville St. in downtown Vancouver on Feb. 6, 2017. (Mark van Manen/POSTMEDIA)

Seasonal complaints by students

Spring is just around the corner — or at least, Vancouverites are hoping that’s the case. With not just one, but multiple, snow storms wreaking havoc around the city in the past months, it’s safe to say that the people of Vancouver are done with winter. Still, it’s only a matter of time before we’re complaining about the rain again.

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Explore Your Campus: UBC Edition

As far as university campuses go, we’re pretty lucky at the University of British Columbia here in Vancouver. Surrounded by lush forest on three sides, and ocean on the fourth, UBC is the epitome of picturesque. A typical walk down Main Mall leads you through beautiful architecture, bustling crowds of students on their way to class, a good chance o

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Self-love is the key to fitness goals

This semester I’ve returned to making fitness a priority in my life, and let me tell you: coming back after a substantial break is no walk in the park. It feels great to be incorporating more intense exercise into my life again, even with the sore muscles and the sweaty, tomato face. This past week was the first one of my new program, and our theme

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Favourite places to eat at UBC

Students: have you ever found yourself on campus, between classes or sitting in lecture, when suddenly, a rumbling tummy strikes?

Holiday gift guide for students

With Christmas only a few days away, many of us still haven’t finished our shopping—and some haven’t even started.

Grouse Mountain Christmas. (Photo: Francis Georgian)

Festive activities for students on a budget

The Santa Clause Parade might be over, but there are still a ton of festive things to do in Vancouver, and many of them are affordable for students, too. If you’re looking for an exam break, or a post-exam celebration, take advantage of Vancouver’s winter weather by checking out one of these six events!