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A day in the life of a university student

A normal day at university might not sound all that exciting, but if you’re a prospective student, then you’re likely interested to find out what a day in the life looks like for the average undergraduate.

Trees burned in a forest fire in the foreground of Height of the Rockies Provincial Park near Canal Flats, B.C. on Aug. 30, 2011. (Mike Drew/Postmedia Network/Files)

Being vigilant key to keeping wildfires from occurring

As summer weather begins to heat up, the risks for wildfires around the province continue to grow in tandem. It may be easy to distance ourselves from the various wildfires burning across B.C., but complacency is not an option this year.

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The benefits of volunteering

There are many reasons for volunteering, but too often the benefits of volunteer work are overlooked, especially by those who consider the work pointless or time-consuming.

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How to find summer work

It may seem as though summer should be filled with nothing but sunshine, cocktails and fun but, if you’re a university student, then there are real-life responsibilities you’ll have to consider before getting your summer jam on. These responsibilities may range from summer school to volunteer work but, for the most part, many students who have just

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Ways to make the move back home smooth

Now that the standard academic year has come to an end, many students find themselves moving out of campus housing to relocate within the city or to move back to their home towns.

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7 tips to help you start your day right

All students know the familiar struggle of waking up in the morning after a long night of studying and far too little sleep. You’re groggy and probably grumpy, too — so the last thing you want to do is get up. Hopefully, now that summer is on its way, you’ve managed to correct your sleep schedule, or perhaps you’re already enjoying a break from sch

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39 things students think about while writing their exams

Now that final exams are over, we can look back on them with clarity and a bit of humour. Preparing for final examinations of any kind is one of the most stressful experiences for college and university students alike, but writing the exam itself can be pretty stressful, too.

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The pros and cons of dorm life

Starting university is one of the most exciting times in a young adult’s life, and living on campus is often considered the only way to truly experience all that university has to offer. Dorm living can be a wonderful experience, but many new graduates head off to post-secondary with little awareness of the cons that accompany dorm life. If you’ve

Masts on Granville Island.

Affordable spring activities for students

Now that the sun has finally decided to start showing off, it’s time for students to break free from the confines of their basement suites and emerge into the world again.

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Creative ways to take a break from studying

Despite our best efforts to prolong finals season with significant amounts of complaining and procrastination, April has come to plague university students once again.

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Arts students: Cliches vs. realities

Every Arts student knows—and loathes—the familiar jest: “So, do you plan on working at Starbucks with that degree?”