Steve Burgess

Steve Burgess is an accomplished freelance writer who lives in Vancouver. He is a two-time winner of Canadian National Magazine Awards and his book Who Killed Mom? made the 'Best of 2011' lists of both the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail newspapers.


A bag full of marijuana joints for sale during the annual 4/20 pro-marijuana rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver on April 20, 2014. (Carmine Marinelli/Vancouver 24hours file photo)

Is 4/20 still necessary?

The Trudeau government has announced plans to legalize marijuana next year. At last, the long battle has been won. I guess there's no more need for the big 4/20 protest rally Thursday at English Bay. They can cancel it now. Right?

Stanley Park and the North Shore mountains. (Postmedia Network/Files)

Mountain disaster

Riding through Stanley Park on Sunday I looked up to see the North Shore mountains, their white snow shining through a break in the clouds on what passes for a sunny day in spring 2017.

Taxis on the streets in downtown Vancouver, March 7 2017. (Gerry Kahrmann/Postmedia Network)

Taking an Uber ride is a gamble

Gambling — popular, but also destructive. You're playing with fire when you enter a casino. As for economic benefits, the gambling industry doesn't really create wealth so much as redistribute it, although it's possible that it might offer benefits for local tourism. It reminds me of Uber.

Queen of Burnaby. (Screengrab)

Queen of Burnaby up for bids

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day. Maybe your special somebody bought you flowers, or chocolates, or a 130-metre long car ferry. No? Perhaps your significant other is not shopping in the right places.

You could soon be having a drink while getting your hair cut in B.C. (Postmedia Network/Files)

A shot and a perm

A new provincial law has made it legal for barbers and hair salons to serve drinks. Liquor and scissors — what could go wrong?

(Serjio74/Getty Images)

We need to make sure 2016 leaves!

This year people have an extra motivation to stay up for New Year's Eve — we have to make sure 2016 actually leaves.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark arrives onboard a skytrain at the Coquitlam Central Station on the Evergreen Line for the opening ceremony of the Evergreen Line in Coquitlam, BC, December, 2, 2016. (Richard Lam/PNG)

Evergreen Line finally opens

Gather 'round the campfire youngsters, and I'll tell you a tale. It was a different century. Strange creatures, forgotten by time, still roamed the land—Glen Clark and Mark Messier, to name two. There were even a few pay phones on street corners. Yes my children, it was long ago when the inhabitants of the Lower Mainland first heard whispers of the