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One of the most infamous of 19th-century shipbuilder Melancthon Simpson's vessels, the Waubuno sank in a November storm on Georgian Bay, taking all 25 lives aboard.

Infamy sailed with Ontario shipbuilder

If you`d had the opportunity to ask shipbuilder Melancthon Simpson which was the best-known ship he`d ever built, he`d likely have had a hard time answering.

The remains of a German Tiger tank destroyed by Canadian tank ace Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters and his crew during the Second World War.

Tank ace helped take out Black Baron

Everyone knows about Billy Bishop, Canada’s First World War fighter ace. Bishop has two airports named after him — the original, near his hometown of Owen Sound, and the other in Toronto, downtown on Toronto Island.

An 18th-century image shows an Iroquois warrior brutally restraining a prisoner of war. (Special to Postmedia Network)

Culture-crossing Huron lost in history’s dustbin

It was during Holy Week in 1636 that Amantacha -- a young Huron man, who made a strong impression on his community and the Jesuit and Recollet priests he worked with -- was captured by a raiding party of Iroquois and disappeared.