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Liquidation or winding up, what’s the difference?

Dear Tony: Our strata is starting the process of looking into the sale of our strata. We are an older four-floor, wood frame building located a block from a SkyTrain station. A number of agents have approached us to see if we are interested in selling, but we are getting conflicting information. Of the 42 units in our building, we have at least six

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Request to build accessibility ramp denied by strata president

Dear Tony: I live in a townhouse complex in the Okanagan, and each home has three steps leading up to the front door. My husband recently had a mild stroke and requires a walker so access has become a problem for us. We called our strata president and requested permission to remove our stairs and have a ramp installed that would give him safe acces

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A special levy surplus

Dear Tony: If there is a refund of $2000+ to the strata corporation from a special levy, is the strata council permitted to put the amount into the contingency fund or do they have to return it to the owners?

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Do buyers have rights to alteration requests?

Dear Tony: Do buyers have any rights? We live in Saskatchewan and are wanting to purchase a condo in a building that is close to a therapy facility for one of our family members. The building is perfect but we will need to widen the entry door to the unit to accommodate a large wheel chair. We have asked the strata council to give us permission at

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Is it legal for strata council members to be paid?

Dear Tony: Our strata owners orchestrated a coup in February over the previous council who held control for the past 10 years. When owners discovered they refused to release any financial information and there were some irregular expenses, the owners finally voted in a new council. I was one of the people who was requesting documents, and since bei

The trouble with secret ballots

Dear Tony: We have one owner who always shows up with 50 or so proxies at every meeting. For every decision, she requests a secret ballot, the property manager gives her a ballot with the total number of proxies she has and she controls the outcome of every vote.

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Strata corporation wants to charge extra fees

Dear Tony: I have rented out my unit since I purchased in 2004. I was the first buyer and the developer filed a rental disclosure that exempted first buyers. Our strata corporation has tried several times to pass bylaws prohibiting rentals without success. Now a new twist on their old campaign. They are proposing a bylaw that requires anyone who re

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Ignoring repairs is no solution

Dear Tony: Our strata is a smaller six-unit townhouse complex constructed in 2003. All six units are attached in one way or another and everyone has a single car garage. We are starting to have some issues with our decks that are covering over the space of the townhouses, which may be ours or our neighbours.

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Who sets the agenda?

Dear Tony: Our Richmond strata council is furious with our property manager. Our fiscal year end is Dec. 31 and council had decided to hold our AGM on Feb. 22, giving us time to prepare the financial statements and have our lawyer finish the review of our bylaws. Our plan was to send notice on February 1st, but the property manager issued notice of

Who holds the funds?

Dear Tony: Our strata corporation has been raising significant contingency funds for the past five years since we had our first depreciation report.

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Homeowner's unauthorized pet sparks fight with council

Dear Tony: Our strata council has been fighting with a new owner for six months over an unauthorized pet. We have a bylaw that permits only one cat per strata lot, with the exception of guide dog and service dogs. An owner purchased a unit in September and a week later moved in their German shepherd. The strata council received a complaint and with

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Who controls parking?

Dear Tony: My strata council have taken away my parking space and given it to another owner with two cars. I do not have a car, but my daughter comes twice a week to take me for groceries and help me manage my condo. The council have rented out all the visitor parking, and we do not have a loading area. I requested my parking space back but council

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How do we get our roof fixed?

Dear Tony: We live in a triplex in Burnaby that is 24 years old. The roofing is now well past its first life and there a problems showing up on the porch areas where there are stains in the ceiling tiles and along the walls. It’s only a matter of time before we see leaking into our homes. I approached the other two owners who have refused to pay fo

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When is enough, enough?

Dear Tony: Our strata has experienced several parties over the holidays that have been unbearable for the residents. One owner has rented their unit out on a short term basis and the renters have hosted several open house types of parties that have resulted in security problems, damage to an entry door, unauthorized parking and constant noise.

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What is a quorum?

Dear Tony: Our strata council recently had a meeting with two day’s notice where only three of the seven council members were present. The decision they made was to award a $350,000 contract for a deck and balconies project that was approved by special levy at our AGM in September.

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Who cleans the sidewalks?

Dear Tony: We live in a small townhouse complex in East Vancouver of 16 units. A few years ago the owners decided to change our budget and give the responsibility of maintenance for the driveways and sidewalks to each unit.

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What is a hearing?

Dear Tony: Our strata council starts each of our council meetings at 7:30 p.m. with an open discussion period with owners and tenants who are welcomed to attend and raise any issues.

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The first decision: Civil Resolution Tribunal

Dear Tony: " How do we get our council to...." This is the opening line to the many thousands of emails and letters our offices receive every month. Ever since the first strata was filed in B.C. back in the mid 1960s, strata councils, owners, tenants and occupants have struggled with the challenges of accessible justice.

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Depreciation reports updates

Is it true we can exempt our strata from having a 3-year update of our depreciation report?