Zoe Grams

Zoe Grams is principal at ZG Communications: a marketing agency working with publishers, not-for-profits and socially-conscious organizations. She has written about performing arts in both Canada and the UK.


A scene from Redpatch. (Mark Halliday Photo)

Redpatch illuminates untold history with bold, immersive plot

History may be written by the winners, but not all victors share the glory. During the First World War more than 4,000 Aboriginal soldiers fought under the Canadian flag. Relinquishing their status to enlist, they were fundamental to the Allied troops’ victory, but little is known, or celebrated, about their contribution.

Comedy dance troupe Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

Slip some tickets under the tree for me

Standing amidst endless aisles of festive gift choices, you may ask yourself some important questions: Have you already bought your father everything MEC could possibly offer? (No) Will copious amounts of food be an acceptable gift rather than something more personal? (Yes) Is it acceptable to keep 30% of presents you purchase for yourself instead?

Holy Mo! A Christmas Show. (Handout)

An alternative Christmas theatre guide

Is the sugary coating of traditional Christmas activities already causing cavities? Amidst the traditional festive fare offered throughout the city this December, a number of unusual, avant-garde and downright cheeky shows offer an alternative way to celebrate the season.

Aaron Craven, founder of Mitch and Murray Productions, plays Kenny in the upcoming production of Lisa D'Amour's Detroit. (Handout Photo)

City of Glass Reflected in ‘Detroit’

After years of escalating prices and debate, Vancouver’s housing crisis is on everyone’s lips. It looks as much a part of the city as the mountain skyline – at least for now.

A still from KONELINE: our land beautiful. SUBMITTED

VIFF showcasing True North talent

Vancouver International Film Festival is written in ink in every culture aficionado’s calendar. Running Sept. 29 to Oct. 14 and celebrating its 35th anniversary, this year’s festival offers a “film plus” program — hundreds of films combined with talks and events that showcase the themes and ideas presented on screens throughout the city.