"Justice League." (Supplied)

'Justice League' trailer released

The Justice League is coming together — literally — in the new trailer for the superhero film, which finds Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash teaming up for the first time ever on the big screen.

A scene from Redpatch. (Mark Halliday Photo)

Redpatch has bold, immersive plot

History may be written by the winners, but not all victors share the glory. During the First World War more than 4,000 Aboriginal soldiers fought under the Canadian flag. Relinquishing their status to enlist, they were fundamental to the Allied troops’ victory, but little is known, or celebrated, about their contribution.

The Paper Kites. (Supplied Photo)

24 Minutes with The Paper Kites

Melbourne-based quintet The Paper Kites play The Orpheum Theatre Saturday, March 25 along with Passenger. Joe Leary spent 24 Minutes with vocalist/guitarist Sam Bentley.

Are Mr. T and his partner Kym Herjavec tough enough to take the title on Dancing With the Stars? ABC


ABC's beloved reality competition series Dancing with the Stars will mark 400 episodes when it debuts its 24th season Monday night with contestants ranging from actor Mr. T to The Bachelor's Nick Viall.