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"Die Hard." (Screenshot)

'Die Hard' plot mystery finally solved

You probably wonder this every Christmas when you cue up Die Hard on your parents’ DVD player: Midway through the film, when they first meet, how did Bruce Willis’ John McClane know that Alan Rickman’s “Bill Clay” was really the terrorist Hans Gruber?

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) tells Stan Lee to "zip it" in a clip from the "Deadpool 2" teaser trailer. (Screenshot)

'Deadpool 2' teaser trailer hits online

Superhero fans who went to see Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film Logan on Friday got to see a teaser trailer for the Deadpool sequel and many of them captured it on their phones and posted the poor-quality videos online.

"Kong: Skull Island." (Supplied)

'Kong: Skull Island' an action-packed flick

A big, dumb beast that, for all its noise, is kind of lovable at heart. That describes both a certain giant ape and Kong: Skull Island, the latest of an oeuvre of King Kong films going back 80-plus years.

U.S. actor Gene Hackman (L) and U.S. actress Marisa Tomei pose with their oscars 29 March 1993 shortly after being respectively awarded best supporting actor and best supporting actress. Hackman won for his role in 'Unforgiven' and Tomei for 'My Cousin Vinny.' (Photo credit should read SCOTT FLYNN/AFP/Getty Images)

Vindication for Marisa Tomei?

When the best picture prize was yanked from the hands of Team "La La Land" on Sunday night and thrust belatedly at the producers of "Moonlight" after confused presenters were handed the wrong envelope and announced the wrong film, it produced one of the most shocking moments in the history of the Oscars.