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Fall music preview 2017

It’s September, and you know what that means: Summer’s over. Time to go back to school. Time to get back to work. And time for me to crank out another Fall Music Preview intro. But here’s the thing: After 20 years, I’ve used every fall pun, harvest quip and seasonal metaphor in the book. So how about we just cut to the chase?

Derrival. (Geoffrey Yuen photo)

24 Minutes with Derrival

Alternative local rock group Derrival blend an eclectic mix of pop, rock and electronic sounds in their long-awaited debut full-length album. Joe Leary spent 24 Minutes with singer/guitarist Adam Mah.

James Blunt. (Jimmy Fontaine Photo)

24 Minutes with James Blunt

Taking radio by storm in 2004 with the song You’re Beautiful, James Blunt has since gone on to sell millions of albums worldwide.