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Matt McGorry has starred on not one, but two successful shows.

Murder is the new Matt McGorry

When his How To Get Away with Murder co-star Viola Davis likely wins the Best Supporting Actress Oscar on Sunday night (Feb. 26) for her role in Fences, Matt McGorry will be far, far away.

Toronto gal and "Billions" star Malin Akerman says it's a treat working opposite Damian Lewis. (SHOWTIME)

Billions' Akerman comes home

Malin Akerman says her Billions character will show more "humanity" in the TV drama's second season debuting Sunday, Feb. 19 (Crave-The Movie Network).

Is it time for "Joe" Trudeau to get the SNL treatment? GETTY

Who should play Justin Trudeau on SNL?

So just who is this "Joe Trudeau" and might he end up on Saturday Night Live? Following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington earlier this week, you've got to think Canadian-born SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels is considering numerous casting possibilities for the Trump-centric sket

Despite being from Virginia, Cardinal star Billy Campbell feels as Canadian as maple syrup -- thanks to boyhood summers in the Muskokas. CTV

Billy Campbell connects with Canada

Billy Campbell has fond memories of shooting the acclaimed new Wednesday night CTV drama Cardinal in minus forty degree Celsius weather in Sudbury, Ont., for two months last winter. Really. "I think one of my favourite restaurants in the world now is in Sudbury," said the 57-year-old Virginia native.

The Bachelor Nick Viall. (ABC)

'Bachelor' recap: Breakdown leads to break-ups

Everything about The Bachelor process is unnatural. It’s not a normal thing for a single guy to date 25 women at once. It’s definitely strange that those women are living together in close quarters. And it’s certainly absurd that the whole experience is being filmed. But what makes dating shows like The Bachelor work is that contestants trust the p