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"Titanfall 2." (Electronic Arts/Supplied)

'Titanfall 2' a blast to play

From Hogarth Hughes and his Iron Giant to Sam Witwicky and his Transformer pal Bumblebee, there’s something special about the relationship between a young man and his massive mechanical friend.

"Gears of War 4." (Supplied)

'Gears of War 4' an action-packed shooter

I really liked 2011’s Gears of War 3 – hell, I'm quoted on the back of the game box calling it “the epic finale to a genre-defining series” – but once the shooty, bloody action trilogy had come to an end, once I’d cried my manly tears at the demise of brave soldier Dominic Santiago, once I'd hung up my chainsaw rifle and walked off into the sunset,

"Batman: Arkham VR." (Supplied)

Ranking PlayStation VR games

Become the Batman? Pull off a diamond heist? Create works of digital art in virtual space one minute, while doing mind-numbing office photocopying the next?

5 things to know about Sony PlayStation VR

I’ve riddled cars with machine gun bullets in a high-speed freeway gun battle, served slushees from behind the counter of a convenience store, blown up tanks on a holographic battlefield and solved a dastardly death in the family as the one and only Batman.

"For Honor." (Supplied)

Sony ups the ante with new PS4s

I’ve seen samurais and Vikings fighting way off in the distance. I’ve seen the sun-drenched beaches of Madagascar, dappled in breathtaking afternoon light. I’ve seen eye-searing explosions tear apart undead creatures crawling out of inky black shadows.

"No Man's Sky." (Supplied)

Backlash over 'No Man's Sky'

In the very awful Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Capt. Kirk and friends are led by a fast-talking Vulcan to the centre of the galaxy, where they’re told they’ll see the face of God. Instead, they find a deceptive alien entity that tries to steal from them and hurt them.