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Time to start teaching kids how to ‘adult'

There’s nothing I love more than holding my child’s hand as we stroll down the street, so when my oldest dropped my hand and ran ahead at school drop off for the first time, I felt a little hurt.

Owen Wilson, left, plays a permanent house guest named Dupree, to a couple played by Kate Hudson, centre, and Matt Dillon in the 2006 film "You, Me and Dupree." (Universal Studios photo)

The art of the third wheel

Pitied by couples and dreaded by singletons everywhere, the concept of the third wheel has been given a bum rap for years - a phenomenon that likely began when someone walked into a cave, saw their coupled best friends enjoying an intimate fire-side dinner of mammoth steak and suddenly felt super awkward.

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Can vitamin C help with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Several weeks ago I reported that autopsies of the brains of people diagnosed with dementia reveal damage to small arteries, which may cause tiny strokes and brain injury. Researchers also discovered that mice with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), when treated with vitamin C, showed that typical amyloid plaques associated with this disease disappeared! An

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The role retinoids play in quality skin care

Retinoids, and related compounds are derived from vitamin A. In its many forms, vitamin A is quite different when ingested than when applied to the skin. In the world of skin care and beauty it has assumed a very central role as retinoids, retinol and retinoic acid. And that’s where the confusion comes in.

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39 things students think about while writing exams

Now that final exams are over, we can look back on them with clarity and a bit of humour. Preparing for final examinations of any kind is one of the most stressful experiences for college and university students alike, but writing the exam itself can be pretty stressful, too.