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Do buyers have rights to alteration requests?

Dear Tony: Do buyers have any rights? We live in Saskatchewan and are wanting to purchase a condo in a building that is close to a therapy facility for one of our family members. The building is perfect but we will need to widen the entry door to the unit to accommodate a large wheel chair. We have asked the strata council to give us permission at

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Extending parental leave is not the solution

Parents are swooning over the possibility of a parental leave increase from 12 months to 18 months, but what many don’t realize is that a longer leave does not equate to more money from the government.

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The 10 types of friends you'll make in university

University is one of the most wonderful places to meet people. Whether it’s networking at a club event or making friends with the dorm-room occupant across the hall, there are many valuable connections to be made during your post-secondary education. Today, let’s take a look at 10 types of friends you’re sure to make in university.

Robert Kelly, right, a political science professor at Pusan National University, waits for a press conference with his wife Jung-a Kim, left, and children James and Marion, at the university in Busan, South Korea, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. As Kelly speaks from his home office via Skype with BBC about the just-ousted South Korean president, his eyes dart left as he watches on his computer screen as his young daughter parades into the room behind him. Her jaunty entrance resembles the exuberant march of the Munchkins celebrating the Wicked Witch's death in the "The Wizard of Oz." (Ha Kyung-min/Newsis via AP)

Think again before making race-based assumptions

There’s a reason why I avoid Skype calls and video conferences when I’m working from home, and that reason was perfectly reflected in the latest viral video of political science professor Robert Kelly.