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B.C. seniors dying after being assaulted

Incidents of senior-on-senior aggression in B.C. care facilities have resulted in nine deaths in four years — according to a new report — with seven surveyed facilities admitting they’ve had at least 10 incidents with a fight resulting in injury.

Metro Vancouver’s board formally stated its opposition to plans to replace the George Massey Tunnel with a bridge on Wednesday. B.C. Government image

Mayors formally oppose Massey replacement

Metro Vancouver’s board “is unable to support” B.C. government plans to replace the George Massey Tunnel with a 10-lane bridge, listing off a number of concerns with the proposed project in an announcement Wednesday.

Premier Christy Clark. BC Government photo

B..C. ends real estate self-regulation

The province is taking away self-regulatory power from the Real Estate Council of BC, Christy Clark announced Wednesday, while promising “more to come” from Victoria to address skyrocketing home prices.

Deadpool being filmed on the Georgia Viaduct. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

Vancouver wants dedicated film office

Vancouver City Hall has approved $200,000 per year for a dedicated office to attract film production — though the plan is being criticized by opposition councillors who say others already do the same job.


Tough rules target bad real estate agents

Fines for unscrupulous behaviour by real estate agents in B.C. could be increased up to 25 times as part of recommendations aimed at taming an industry seen as a “gold rush” by investors.


Grandview-Woodland could see 7K new homes

Vancouver’s 30-year vision for the Grandview-Woodland area includes more than 7,000 new homes to accommodate an anticipated growth of 10,000 people — with city planners estimating public benefits totalling $800 million.

Vancouver Coun. Adriane Carr doesn’t see why every council meeting has to be at city hall. FIle photo

Vancouver council venue called a ‘barrier’

As drafting of the City of Vancouver’s Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Plan progressed, “hundreds” of calls and emails were received from residents in that area who felt distanced from the process, said Coun. Adriane Carr.

A mural in San Francisco that has Vancouver organizers looking to do the same thing along Main Street. Getty Images

Vancouver Main Street murals planned

A Main Street festival celebrating murals and public art — with up to 40 planned murals adorning buildings — will go Aug. 20 pending approval from Vancouver City Hall.

B.C. mom Rachel Pernosky, 18, who was reported missing March 16, 2013, was found murdered less than a week later. Facebook photo

Half-brother charged in teen mom’s death

Homicide investigators have charged the half-brother of a slain 18-year-old mother from Mission with second-degree murder and indignity to human remains, related to sexual contact with or disposing of the body.

Vancouver City Hall. FILE PHOTO, 24 HOURS

City of Vancouver's six-figure club doubles

Vancouver City Hall doubled the number of staff it employs earning more than $100,000 — a number significantly driven by hundreds of firefighters who have made it into the six-figure club.

A blood test that may detect prostate cancer is currently not covered by MSP. Getty images

Mayors want prostate cancer test free in B.C.

The call is growing to make a test that may detect prostate cancer covered by B.C.’s Medical Services Plan — with Mayor Darrell Mussatto hoping to have the City of North Vancouver back the idea.