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Alan Kurdi, left, sits with his older brother Ghalib Kurdi, both boys along with their mother drowned while seeking refuge from the Syrian war. Photo submitted

Syrian boy’s B.C. family calls end to war

The image of three-year-old Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body, lying face down on a beach in southern Turkey on Sept. 2, has brought the world’s attention to the Syrian refugee crisis. Now, Alan’s aunt is calling on the world to do something about it.

Vancouver Pride Society parade co-ordinator steps down amid allegations of conflict of interest of the society’s executive director. REUTERS

Vancouver Pride Society co-ordinator resigns

The Vancouver Pride Society has lost another member — this time parade co- ordinator Bry Leckie, who said she resigned after feeling pressured to give more space to the Liberal Party of Canada in the parade.

Aboriginal bands in B.C. who've missed deadline to file audited financial records aren't concerned about losing funding because of it. Fotolia

B.C. bands unfazed by late records filing

First Nations in Canada have been required to submit audited financial statements to the government since 2013, and this year 36 B.C. bands missed the Sept. 1 midnight deadline, putting their funding at risk.

According to West Vancouver data, water usage was reduced 24.8% between June and July by residential multi-family homes. File photo

West Vancouver condos do their part to save water

Condominium owners saved a far higher rate of water usage than single-family home owners in July, despite how warnings and water restrictions had focused on detached-home issues like lawn watering, suggests water-meter data from West Vancouver.

The Surrey project was slated to run from Oct. 2013 until Oct. 2014 but was extended for an extra year. File photo

Surrey backyard chicken pilot set to end

Community planner Markus Kischnick will be making the case for chickens on Wednesday when he will discuss the future of the Surrey Backyard Chicken Pilot Project with the Agriculture and Food Security Advisory Committee.

Store manager James Ferrier stocking shelves at their new location. Deborah Dunlap photo

Rent forces hospital’s thrift shop to move

The non-profit VGH Thrift Shop Society had to relocate in August from Broadway near Main Street to Hastings Street and Nanaimo Street after their rent jumped from $6,000 a month to $11,000 in three years.

A woman missing part of her arm alleges she had unnecessary limits placed on her driver’s licence based solely on appearance. Fotolia

Woman alleges ‘humiliating’ experience

A woman missing part of her arm has lodged a complaint to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal against RoadSafetyBC, allegeding discrimination against her ability through unnecessary limits placed on her driver’s licence — based solely on appearance.

A landscaper mows the lawn on the Vancouver Convention Centre's six-acre living roof. Reuters

How Vancouver buildings could conserve water

If buildings in downtown Vancouver had their own water reclamation systems for treating toilet wastewater and building cooling water, they could reduce their water demand by 95% and help keep contaminated water from going back into the environment, according to University of B.C. adjunct professor Troy Vassos.

A WorkSafe BC study suggests the certification process for tree-fallers has had no effect to reduce injuries. FOTOLIA

B.C. tree-faller certification questioned

A study funded by WorkSafeBC is questioning the effectiveness of a certification program tree-fallers in B.C. have been required to pay for and obtain for nearly a decade, suggesting the certification process has had no effect to reduce injuries.

Parents have to compete with pre-packaged food products to compel kids to eat a healthy, homemade lunch. FOTOLIA

Spice up kids' lunches: B.C. Children's Hospital

The B.C. Children’s Hospital is calling on parents to think about competing with pre-packaged food products when packing their kids’ lunches for school — in an effort to introduce more healthy options for youth.