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More common sense needed for allergy labelling

My youngest daughter has a severe soy allergy which means that reading ingredient lists has become a necessarily regular practice of mine. While Health Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations require food allergens and gluten to be clearly marked on prepackaged products, food sold in restaurants is exempt.

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Keep animals out of the emergency room

I was in Chilliwack General Hospital this week for a foot infection. While I was in the waiting room, a man walked up to me with a basket. “Pet him,” he said. “Pardon?” I answered. “His name’s Rupert.” The man brought the basket closer to me and I could see there was a small black rabbit inside. Immediately I was quite confused. I didn’t think anim

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Can strata screen buyers and tenants?

Our strata corporation has a bylaw that requires buyers and potential tenants to be screened by the strata council before the purchase or enter into a tenancy agreement.

Black Lives Matter at Toronto's Pride parade held in downtown Toronto, on July 3, 2016. (Ernest Doroszuk/Postmedia Network)

Pride bans besmirch police

Furor over police participation in Pride parades are another example of how far-left radicals seek to unearth old injustices and conjure new oppression in an era of unprecedented tolerance and diversity.