There will be no trips south for the Girl Guides of Canada. (Postmedia Network file photo)

Girl Guides teach dangerous lesson

For resistance to manifest revolution, leaders prime the young with propaganda and pious notions of self-righteous virtue.

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Girl Guides blazing a trail

It’s that time of year again. Girl Guides are selling their cookies: classic chocolate or vanilla sandwich. But there’s a new flavour: sweet solidarity. It’s subtle, but the taste is unmistakable.

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Thank Canada for Daylight Saving Time

Spring forward, fall back is more than a catchy reminder about which direction to adjust one’s clocks to comply with daylight saving time. It’s a maxim for making the most out of life.

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Wake up. It’s later than you think

Daylight Saving Time is a sleep thief. On Saturday night, this anachronistic candlewax-conservation scheme messed with your clocks.


A mono-cultural Canada? No thanks

Multiculturalism policy is a clunky, unfinished, official acknowledgement that there’s more to Canada than just white guys. Now it’s under assault.