Unbelievable ! Pain can be relieved instantly by a mere touch, available now in Vancouver !

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Since young, Mr.Chang was into face reading and other esoteric studies of the ancient Chinese metaphysics. But when his wife had cramps and his daughter had headaches, they would naturally grab his hand and place it on the pain spots and got relieved of the pain. He never thought too much of this healing gift, but since late last year, during a trip to Taiwan, he unknowingly healed his own lower back pain and his own brother's lower pain too by merely laying his hands at the pain spot for a few seconds ! Quickly, the news spread, and Mr.Chang was able to heal many pain sufferers in the neighbourhood where he was staying.
Two months ago when he was travelling abroad to Bhutan and Nepal, he offered his special gift to heal the sick instantly at Bhutan's Thimphu General Hospital, and he also visited a seniors' home where many helpless seniors suffered from arthritis and back pain, and Mr.Chang was able to heal their pain instantly. Recently, a friend's mom at a seniors' home in Richmond suffered a sharp pain in her leg as she got up from the toilet. Mr.Chang was able to relieve her pain in seconds and averted a visit to an acupuncturist to relief the pain.
Mr.Chang never charges a dime for his healing and offered his healing gift as a volunteer to Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Pain BC as an attempt to help pain sufferers, but was declined. Many people just can't believe it first until maybe they watch 60+ instant healing videos he posted on his youtube account providing somewhat of a proof the existence of this unbelievable instant healing without using any drugs or tools but merely his bare hands. These videos can be found by searching the single keyword "instanthealer" in youtube.
The Christians may recognize this gift immediately, and although Mr.Chang never recites or prays before healing someone, he says he knows the power must have come from a higher source as he feels nothing except some heat when he heals. He could be drinking coffee and reading newspaper when his other hand is borrowed by his friend suffering from pain. He jokingly said he usually just feels happy when he can help relieve people's pain instantly and simply tell people don't bother to thank him but thank God for their freedom from pain, and don't smoke or drink any more.
Mr.Chang is looking to help more children who suffer from pain, and illness unrelated to genetic disorders, and also people's pet or farm animals which may suffer from pain or illnesses too.

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