International Laureate Award bestowed to Vancouver Virtuoso Acoustic Guitarist Don Alder

Don  Alder

By Don Alder

The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation in Malaysia recently bestowed acoustic guitarist Don Alder with the Brand Laureate International Brand Personality Award, an honor endorsed by many dignitaries including the King of Malaysia. The Award is conferred to Individuals who have contributed significantly to the lives of people around the world through their areas of expertise. Past recipients include Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Other renowned musicians that received the award include Deep Purple, Kenny G., Earth WInd & Fire and Chaka Khan. Alder, the second Canadian to win (after astronaut Chris Hatfield), received the distinction on March 27, 2013 for his achievements "a world-leading fingerstyle guitarist" along with his crucial role "as a global ambassador for its practice."

If that’s not enough, Alder’s character is in the up-coming film 'Heart of a Dragon', the biopic of renowned Canadian Rick Hansen. The film’s Director, Michael French, asked Alder to write a very personalized blog about his growing up and the influences that got him where he is today, including the desire to help make a difference in the lives of others.
Alder’s blog can be seen at

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