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BC Hydro Hikes

Yvonne H.

By Yvonne H.

I’m appalled at BC Hydro hikes. I know for a fact that entire departments are taken out on the Company tab for Christmas luncheons and this year they are going to the Arbutus Club. How many of us out there get a perk like this at work? I know we have no budget for such a luxury. Especially at the tax payers’ expense. I work for the Ministry of Health and I looked through my paperwork recently. The wage I was making in 2008 to my current wage in 2013 I saw a wage increase of .57 cents. Crazy?! So I worked out the math and I was correct, I received approximately .11 cents per year in increases. I’m speechless. How is it that BC Hydro, ICBC, BC Ferries continually to miss-manage their money and to offset that they continually increase fares, costs, fees and feel that it is justified when they are giving their staff and upper management perks, bonuses and luncheons all at the cost of the tax payer for simply Doing Their Job? If you’re going to give someone a bonus why not give it to the nurses and teachers – the people who truly deserve it!

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