Spectrum Condo residents forced to sleep in the cold

Michael Ipman

By Michael Ipman

Have a look at the Strata notice attached.

Rancho Management is way over it's head. They've scheduled an electrical repair overnight this Tuesday (Feb 18th, 2014) in two of the four towers resulting in no power in the units.

February is a cold month. The heaters won't work as there will be no power in-suite. Where do they expect residents to sleep? Why would they choose to do repairs overnight, when a majority of residents are going to be in-suite, rather than in the day when there's natural light in most units and limited occupancy? What if there is an emergency?

Is this even legal? How does this line up with the City's safety code?

I'm a little surprised that no one else has complained or that this matter hasn't made the news, as in my opinion this is an utter disregard for the wellbeing of the building's residents.

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