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Content provided by Mandy Gill, Personal Trainer / Athlete

The last couple weeks you've gotten more comfortable running while adding in a mixture of body weight exercises to increase overall strength. This is great, however there is one huge factor that goes into being prepared for the Reebok Spartan Race, and that's wearing the right gear for the grind!

Seeing as race day is next week, it's time to start planning (and training) in the right apparel... let's get started!

Why NOT to wear cotton.
- Cotton hold water, weighs you down, and gets see through when wet. Instead go for synthetic wicking fabrics, and even socks if you can find them too!

Blisters? NO THANKS!
- Get the right shoes for the task instead of an old pair of sneakers you dug out of the closet. I personally recommend the Reebok All Terrain series footwear. Hands down these are the best trail shoes I've ever worn. The durability and grip surprised me throughout every obstacle. Even after they were muddy all they needed was a little rinse and they looked brand new. One of the best features are the rope / rock guard, toe picks, and I can't help but mention the fun colours.

Stiff muscles? NOT ME!
- Compression shorts, shirts, socks (... you name it), are a great way to delay premature muscle fatigue. They provide faster recovery, and have a glove-like fit for a comfortable race with maximum flexibility.

There you have it, three simple yet important ways to make or break Reebok Spartan Race day! And don't forget these next few days will be regular training like the past 2 weeks, but early next week begin to taper off intensity wise! More about that coming on Monday, June 9.

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