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Content provided by Mandy Gill, Personal Trainer & Athlete

We've reached the final countdown! The Reebok Spartan Race kicks off bright and early Saturday morning at Mount Seymour. After weeks of preparing you with training, the proper apparel, nutrition, and rest, it's now time to talk one of the most simple things a significant number of races skip, or approach the wrong way... WARMING UP!

Believe it or not, a proper warm-up may be the only thing between you hitting that goal time you've been hoping for, or simply just passing the finish line still standing!

Three Misconceptions About Warming Up:

1) 'If I warm up, I'm going to waste my race energy'.
You've got way more glycogen stored in your muscles that you could possibly expend in a short race (5k, 10k).

2) 'Jogging and some stretching in place while I wait near the start line is good enough for a warm-up'.
If you want your body to be ready to race, you need to work from rest to race intensity BEFORE the gun goes off. Jogging is a good start to a warm-up, but it's not complete, be sure to do some dynamic stretching (examples below).

3) 'Warm-up routines look silly and I'm just going to embarrass myself'.
Do elite races look silly and embarrassing? NO! Warming up is just as important as the event itself.

When to Warm Up:
Finish your warm-up about 5 minutes before you start racing. Don't forget to visit the bathroom right before race time too!

The Warm Up:
(Dynamic Stretching - ideal prior to exercise to prepare the joints for movement and muscles for optimal activation)
1) Leg Swings x10 each side
2) Lunge Matrix (forward, back, and side to side) x10
3) Inch Worm x10
4) Skips or jumping on the spot (works lower legs, ankles, and feet) x30
5) Jog to Start Area (5 minutes prior)

Why Do We Warm Up?
The main reasons are to raise blood circulation so you're not 'going through the gears' in your race. We also want to raise body temperature and loosen up muscles so they can move more efficiently with less risk of injury.

I am now confident to say after weeks of working your butt off to prepare for the Reebok Spartan Race, it's now time to give'r!
Don't forget that spaces are limited for the Vancouver event - only 2 sleeps away. If you haven't signed up yet, or you know anyone else who has what it takes to complete - register at today!

And remember to HAVE FUN!

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